2016年入社 Nations University Biblical Studies 卒業D.K EDiNA / 専任講師


I am the chief of the English 4-skill Course at Edina and I teach English Expression to a wide range of students aged 7 to 18 years old. My duties include preparing lesson plans, supporting the foreign teachers, and occasionally translating documents and manuals.
My job requires being quite versatile and adaptive, as I am often involved in special events like full immersion English camps and English Study festivals.


On a daily basis, I feel very privileged to work with my students, as they constantly impress me with their progress not only as English speakers but also as individuals. It’s hard to come up with only a single episode, but probably one I’ll always remember is the English Camp at Kuju. We climbed up to the top of a hill, had a barbecue, got caught in a summer storm, spoke a lot of English… at the end of the event both teachers and students were exhausted but happy!


The company is very proactive, and is putting much effort in adopting innovative learning materials to help students achieve their goals. There are many chances to grow professionally, as high performers tend to be valued and promoted. As far as I’m concerned, the members of staff I work with are all very kind and ready to help. The students who attend the schools are usually well mannered and studious, and it’s a real pleasure to have them in class.


I entered the company as a contract worker in 2016, but I was soon allocated to Academic affairs as a regular staff member, which of course included benefits and responsibilities. After 2 years I was appointed Chief of the same department.


Be clear about your goals and expectations, and the company will be fertile soil for your natural talents. Be propositive if you have new ideas and considerate of everyone’s hardwork.


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